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This site has or will have a little bit of everything. We have places to browse, free books to read, technical resources and great shops for goodies via our Amazon connection and over 1,000 brand-name stores (like Dell, Starbucks, Target, PetSmart and Nike) in our Power Mall. We have blogs, forums, resources and other interesting content.

NETGURU was the nickname of our founder, Micheal Hader, who was a prominent expert/author/trainer during the early days of networking. To that end, has been an educational domain for nearly 20 years. You might run across some mirror sites that still have some of the previous site content. But, alas, the old site needed some serious updating and has been retired. You can read about our history using the menu above, if you are interested. Mike's blog is the Netguru blog and it is fairly eclectic in terms of subject matter. Mike blogs about anything he is interested in or studying at the moment. With the new launch of Netguru.Net, Mike has a new blog.

The goal of the domain is to continue to be self-supporting. It always has been, due to our affiliate stores and our Power Mall. Some of our proceeds are allotted to helping children through One-Child-At-A-Time. You can find out about this by clicking the banner below.

The site is updated as often as we find something interesting to post, or as frequently as our bloggers post their thoughts.

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